If you are passing just pop in and paint or...

Call 01235 769777 to book a session or ...

Email tftwantage@gmail.com and we will call you

When you arrive select the item or items you would like to paint with prices starting from £2 to £50

By the way, we offer a

10% discount for 2 or more items the same.

Then create your masterpiece with as much or as little help and input as you like from us.

Payment is required on the day, by cash, debit or credit card.

We then complete the process by glazing and firing the items. Its impossible to do this in less than 3-4 days, so we usually promise it will be ready in one week to be safe.

If your item is urgent please ask when you arrive. I repeat that 3 days in just possible, as we have to allow 24 hours for the painting to dry, then another 24 hours to allow the glaze to dry, and the firing, and cooling takes another 24 hours. Rushing any of these stages will add a risk to your and other peoples items, as its likely to shatter, if fired when wet or damp.

We will try and either call or email you when its ready for collection, but at busy time this is may get difficult. We are happy for you to call first so you don't come in too soon.